Monday, December 05, 2005 Have Struck Gold!

While Leslie Raphael's excellent analysis of the Naudet film uncovers many disturbing anomalies and coincidences. The "N911 D0:07:24 mystery items on Tony's way to first day of work" page at is absolute gold. Given's attempt to ignor this and move on makes it even more intriguing.

The strange blue and white object that seems to be suspended above probie Tony's car is not a whatzit, its a WHAT THE FOCK IS THAT?!

Now that this and other weird anomalies have been found and exposed, the 911 coverup operatives had better just deal with it, because trying to bury it won't work. The blunders in the Naudet fakermentary are very obvious for all to see now they've been exposed and as they're in the public domain, they ain't going to go away.

Here's a crude reconstruction of what more of the appendage stuck over probie Tony's car might look like. Maybe someone in the film industry would recognize this object or perhaps with a bit of research it could be located in an equipment catalogue.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Democracy Underground Moderator Bans WarOnSuckers Reference

Apparently "This blog cites and exhalts quite a few sites well-known for their bigoted and biased agendas. Please do not use in the future.
9/11 Forum Moderator"

Now there's 3 minutes of fame! I wonder how many other so called 9/11 forums will ban references to WarOnSuckers?

Wish Lithos could have been more precise and listed exactly which sites WarOnSuckers "exhalts" that have "bigoted and biased agendas". A few means 3 or more, so quite a few must mean at least 4 or more. Well lets figure it out then. Its rather a short blog so far, so the list of exalted sites is also short.

Well we can scrub from the list of possible offenders as Lyndon LaRouche sings from the same song sheet as Democratic Underground.

I suggest to check the sites on the list and post your considered opinions in the comments area.