Monday, June 26, 2006

Detention Camps and Guillotines made in China

The most articulate spokeman for the so called 911 Truth Movement so far, Professor James Fetzer, founder of Scholars for 9/11 Truth. Gave a very interesting lecture on the moral, political, and religious dimensions of 9/11. 39 mins into the lecture his talk turns very chilling. "Prison Camps. This last January, the Army Core of Engineers gave Haliburton subsidary, Kellogg Brown & Root, 400 million dollars to build detention centers in the United states for the purpose of an upspecified program." . While that may seem like old news, Professor Fetzer goes on to say. "We also hear by the way, creepy reports! Creepy reports of the importation of guillotines, made in China, into these detention facilities. Now I have seen too many reports of this and a person who was petrified call me up to talk about this, but as Steve Jones have observed in this case, we need hard evidence."

For the rest of the lecture Professor Fetzer gets progressively more emotional almost weepy as he talks about what the future may bring. This is all very powerful stuff and and quite disturbing, however at 42m 14sec he says "And 10th and finally and I'm sure you can recoginise everyone of these, as components of the current state of affairs in domestic politics, is the Internet clampdown. I'll tell you, that the media consolidation has been so great that basically 5 corporations control 90% of anything you or I ever hear, ever read in the newspaper, ever watch on television. The only 2 sources remaining for free speech in this country are talkback radio and the Internet. And we all know that if it were not for the Internet, we would not be here today. Scholars for 911 Truth is an illustration of a virtual society, I have not met any members of Scholars for 911 Truth until yesterday, when I met my co-chair, Steve Jones! How about that, where are ya fella?"

Well that last statement is untrue as Professor Fetzer is seen posing for the camera here with fellow Scholars for 911 Truth members Webster Griffin Tarpley, Philip J. Berg, Esq, retired Colenel George Nelson and agents Thorn & Guliani at the U.S. District Courthouse in Alexandria on March 14, 2006.

So what is going on here? Perhaps he just forgot or perhaps he thought one little white lie would be OK as it made the lecture more powerful and no-one would notice anyway. That doesn't make any sense! This is starting to look more like a game of shadow play. The big, invisible and all powerful elites are getting ready to guillotine decenters and there is nothing we can do to stop it. Maybe the elites aren't really in control and have hired the likes of Alex Jones, and Captain Fetzer to sell fear to those who are fed up with the BS from the corporate media.

I have no doubt that big corporations intend to continue making a killing out of killing but I don't see how guilotines will turn much of a profit. Life saving drugs, for a global pandemic as in the movie, The Constant Gardener, are surely where the money lies. Especially if its a treatment and not a cure.

"We call it DIPRAXA, you'll call it life"

*** Update July 9th ***

Professor Fetzer responded to my email question regarding Scholars for 911 Truth. (A copy of my email is in the comments section)
Thanks Jim for taking the time to reply! It is good that thats cleared up. Now what to make of the detention camps and guillotines made in China. Perhaps another fear campaign aimed at everyone who's not watching Fox, including Professor Fetzer.

Here is Professor Fetzer's reply:

Jesus, man, I forgot about Alexandria! That's great! I
can't believe it. You are right on the mark. It totally
slipped my mind. That WAS the first time I met members!

This Naudet thing is fascinating. I will not only look
at it but also get it around into the hands of some of
those who need to know about this right away. Thanks!


P.S. The Zapruder film is in fact a fabrication, even
though Oliver did not think so when he made "JFK".
So I cannot guarantee what he meant. Intriguing!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Daddy to the Rescue

Some time ago on PerpetualYnquisitive wrote.

"The thing that always stuck in my mind was the year of the founding of America (1776), her interpretation was that it is a palindrome (reads the same backwards as it is forwards), when translated to single Roman Numerals.

1 = I
7 = VII
7 = VII
6 = VI

When written out = IVIIVIIVI"

It seems that many palindromes can be found in conspicuous dates as well as close multiples of 11

Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004)
June 5, 2004 => 6 5 4 => VI V IV
lived for 34089 days or 3099 x 11

September 11, 2001 => 2001-9-11 => 1 9 11 => I IX II => IIXII

Bali 2002-10-12 => 2112 => II I I II => IIIIII
397 days after 9-11 => 36 x 11 +1

3-11-2003 => 3 11 3 => III I I III => IIIIIIII
913 days after 9-11 => 83 x 11

Moscow's Synchronized Swimmers
8-24-2004 => 8 24 => VIII IIIV (not very good)
1079 days after 9-11 => 108 x 11 +1
Beslan School Massacre
9-3-2004 => IX III IV (none at all)
1090 days after 9-11 => 109 x 11 +1

7-7-2005 => 7 7 5 => VII VII V => VIIVIIV
1396 days after 9-11 => 127 x 11 -1

As yet to be named event alluded to by CNN and the BBC
7-17-2006 => 17-7-6 => IVII VII VI
1771 days after 9-11 => 161 x 11

Using the idea of series as alluded to in the CNN Headline Prime coded number jokes broadcast, the day count since 9-11 takes 9-11 as day one (in the series).

Just as 1771 was perhaps hidden in the CCN Headline Prime show, so it appeared in the BBC's reports on the Knife Amnesty as, 17715 surrended weapons. What makes this number interesting is not just the 1771 but that 177(15) could be interpreted as 1776. 1776 was also alluded to in the ticker on the CCN show ("founding of our republic 219 years ago"). Maybe I'm stretching things a bit here. But it does seem a curious coincidence.

Wow! What a bunch of interesting knife photos the BBC have put together.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Inside Jokes Embedded in the Propaganda

On May 23rd 2006, CNN's "Headline Prime" broadcast included a strange collection of coded number "jokes".

The background to this was an interview with super model SIMS
Starting with her charity work, supporting 110 orphens in Mexico.

"After September 11 and I found out ... the money I was giving to the Red Cross, I found out it actually didn't go to people. And I couldn't believe it."

The ticker during the interview read in part

Why is it mentioned that there are 222 days left in the year? The same number as the number of non US coalition fatalities just mentioned.

Next up is the promotion of a limited edition series of $11,000 Watermen pens. Four in a set representing the four elements

We are told there is a total of 161 in the series. (That's 1771 thousand dollars worth of pens.)

Interesting to note that if a series were to be interpreted as a countdown. Then if January 1st 2006, was day 161 then day zero would be June 11th 2006. 2006, Jan 1st => 611 and 161 days later June 11th => 611. So maybe that is what this whole CNN crap was about? However June 11th is one day before a full moon so who knows?

To be on the safe side, avoid being near any heavily debt ridden facilities that have been recently insured for the T word. Massive debt, full moon, the four elements. The Euro Tunnel perhaps?

And just as SIMS is giving the host an $11000 dollar pen from the series as a gift the ticker reads:

Rose 70c to settle 77c short of $70. Weird!

Friday, June 02, 2006

7 World Trade

May 23rd 2006 seems to be a day when almost every "NEWS" story from the corporate media involved the number 7. From the 7 year old who swam from Alcatraz to the 77 mil' grossed in the Da Vinci Code's first weekend.

Not to be outdone, Larry mass-murderer Silverstein got to unveil his blood sculpture at the opening of the new 7 World Trade building.

Crimson was the obvious choice to represent the thousands murdered for corporate profits rather than the color of Silvertein's heart (black).

It is curious though, with all the so called 911 Truth Seekers out there, none were here to protest this hideous event nor it seems any have felt the need to mention it.