Thursday, March 02, 2006

Fight the Future

It probably comes as no surprise that I used to be an X-Files fan, the acting sucked but many of the stories were interesting. Up until the release of the X-files movie, Fight the Future, that is. I saw it twice and couldn't make sense of it. From blowing up a government building to destroy evidence, which seemed a completely over the top way to conceal something, to finding a GM corn field and hives of alien virus infected bees. The story line just continued to deteriorate until the anticlimactic, Mulder saves unconscious Scully who then wakes up in time to save Mulder who is now unconscious... blah blah blah.

Of course now, it is obvious to me the bombing scene was in reference to the Alfred P Murrah federal building bombing, the home of the BATF office involved in the Waco massacre and the FBI office investigating it. The siege starting just 2 days after the failed WTC bombing/"FBI sting operation". Except in the real life scenario the main motive for would seem to be the passage of police state legislation such as the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act of 1996, S.735.

So what? The movie came out after the Oklahoma bombing and all the "coincidences" would have already been pretty well documented in the alternative media. Well given the amazing foresight shown in the pilot episode of the X-Files spinoff "The Lone Gunmen", describing the real 911 plot 191 days before the real events. Maybe there is more to Fight the Future than is first apparent.

The Lone Gunmen - (Remote) Pilot Episode
"Someone on the ground is flying your plane..."
"Your flight is going to make an unscheduled stop, in exactly 22 minutes, at the corner of (Public) Liberty and Washington..."
"New York Center this is Atlantic National flight 265 heavy, we are declaring an emergency, we have 110 souls onboard 1600lbs of fuel..."

Of course no-one would suggest the cast were on the inside track, except Dean Haglund's story from a recent Alex Jones interview is interesting "You know, I didn't even put it together until I got a call from one of the writers going. Are you watching this? And ah by that time well, ah personal note. My pipes went in my sink in my house and I had to go to Home Depot, so I wasn't really watching what was going on, I was concerned about a plumbing issue...".

Still that is a better story than George H.W. Bush's on Larry King Live June 10, 2004 regarding 911. LK:"By the way, where were you?" GB: "I was a, we spent the night in the White House, that that Sunday night, I think it was a Monday wasn't it. And ah". LK: "It was a Tuesday". BB: "We'd been at the cancer meeting on Monday I think and then". GB: "We were flying out when we heard about it, flying, we were going to Minnesota and they grounded us in Milwaukee". (A side note: Reagan born 1911, died age 93, funeral 6-11 2004, 33m33s into the funeral we see this interesting shot from CNN's LIVE broadcast, see bottom right image)

So what does this all have to do with Fight the Future?
Well in the opening scenes after a young boy falls into a cave, the first fire truck on the scene is number 119 followed by number 11. A curious choice of numbers.

It is only now the rest of the story seems to make a little more sense. Fields of trans-genic corn genetically engineered with a virus deadly to humans and hives of African bees carrying the virus after pollinating the corn. Problem with the story, corn is wind pollinated so what's with the bees? Perhaps if they were chickens being feed this virus laden GM corn then the story would make more sense.

The very informative documentary "Future of Food" in part, describes how "Star Link", a gene modified corn not approved for human food, found its way into taco shells, resulting in some people becoming very sick. Fortunately public interest organizations went and tested the corn and exposed the scandal.

So what would happens when ducks and chickens get sick or die?

An interesting story turned up the other day regarding the H5N1 fear campaign.
France on red alert for deadly bird flu strain
"Agriculture Minister Dominique Bussereau told France 2 television that the "highly pathogenic H5 virus" had been confirmed at an indoor farm containing 11,000 turkeys in the Ain department.
He said only "complete" test results — being carried out at a government laboratory in Brittany and expected later Friday — would tell whether the birds had the H5N1 strain.
"What concerns us is that the farm is within the security perimeter that we set up for the first duck" carrying the H5N1 virus, a wild bird discovered 10 days ago in the village of Joyeux, Bussereau said.
At least 400 turkeys were found dead on Thursday and the rest of the farm's 11,000 birds were slaughtered during the day."

If you wanted to engineer a controlled bird pandemic, wouldn't contaminating the food supply be the easiest means. As for the reports of dead wild birds, are there any? They're probably as real as cell phone calls at 30,000 feet in 2001. If a real virus is involved, it could well be possible that handling these dead birds can lead to a human infection. However it is highly unlikely the crazy people behind this scam have engineered a virus that is easy to transmit.

For the moment it seems to be all about profits for big pharma' while destroying the livelyhood of the small farmers but this news item is quite disturbing.

Bird Flu Jabs for Everyone
Jabs for everyone if avian flu pandemic strikes?
"The UK Government has announced plans today designed to innoculate every person in the country in the event of an avian flu pandemic.

Health care companies will be asked to produce 120 million doses of a new vaccine should the deadly bird-flu virus mutate into humans. That's enough for two jabs for everyone in the UK - once the exact strain of a pandemic virus is known."

"The vaccine will be produced using a technique involving the cells from African green monkey kidneys - a technique which has successfully been used to develop vaccines against diseases for the past 20 years. Traditionally, flu vaccines have been developed from hens' eggs but bosses at Baxter say in the face of a bird flu pandemic it would be unwise to rely on a vaccine derived from a bird species."

WTF is going on here? Is this the future explanation of how this avian flu fraud was supposed to have accidentally jumped species? Isn't this very similar to the AIDS scam? It is starting to look to me like they really are going to move to stage 2.

Also see Bird Flu Over the Cuckoo's Nest