Saturday, June 09, 2007

September Clues

A new short and too the point documentary, September Clues, has found its way onto the web. It presents many examples of video fakery passed off by the corporate media as video of real events.

The NBC 4 live footage in Part 3 of September Clues just blows away anyone still hanging on to the official lie, let alone the mere plane huggers. Viewing this video results in numorous expletives or gaping mouths and just utter silence.

Fortunately still has streaming video from six major network's "live" broadcasts on the day, including the NBC broadcast, so it is quite easy to verify this example of blatant fakery by NBC, whom inserted a plane image where there was none, for their later replays.

For those who wish to archive the NBC live video of the WTC South Tower explosion, here's a direct link to the NBC video file nbc200109110831-0912.flv

If anyone managed to download the original 1GB MPEG2 file that was once available at, please make it available for download as a torrent or on emule. This video is a smoking gun.


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Talking about yourself I'd guess. When you have something intelligent to say...

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This is bunk. See why:

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