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BrokeForNews and the Internet Flying Circus

Fintan Dunne wrote "For the last three years we have been quietly investigating the cover-up of the 9/11 attacks. Ours has been a wide-ranging inquiry which paid special attention to those who claim to be already exposing the truth."

So what is Fintan saying to anyone who may have loyaly read his site and listened to his "inside track" news reports.
[By the way everything I promoted and talked about for the last 3 years, it was all bullshit, it was just cover for my investigation. Now I'm going to give you the real inside track. Take you on to the next level. Honest, really I am!...]
Either Fintan is a callus idiot or this is the "next level" in Internet psyop.

I hope no-one was actually suckered into giving this Internet personality money!

CLick here for the article and the list

Well what a list. Could have been a bit longer. But how can you make a list like that and fail to mention the corporate media such as the or or or ABC CBS MSNBC, just to name a few? Kind of short on details though considering this was supposed to have been a three year investigation. You'd think some juicy examples of CIA-ish disinfo or misdirection might have been presented to enlighten us duped suckers. Sadly Fintan's article is largely correct except for an obvious ommission from the list,!

The Good the Bad and the Ugly

What makes this article interesting is had some groundbreaking, informative articles relating to health and health hazards but in terms of 9/11 investions it was weak at best and in some cases just a depository of blatant disinformation, misdirection and false debate.

The Good:
Cell Phones are Frying Your Brain
Defying HIV & Aids Voodoo

The Bad:
Global Warming Debate Gets Infusion of Hot Air

The Ugly:
Photo Faking the WTC Fall
The story on BreakforNews suggesting that the photos showing the top of the South Tower falling unevenly to the side were faked confirmed for me just exactly where Fintan is coming from. As all video footage of the South tower collapse show exactly the same toppling, what was Fintan really suggesting, the whole thing was faked? Was it just some computer generated animation? Sounds curiously like the hologram plane theories.

The biggest single smoking gun in at the 911 crime scene, was the collapse of the towers. The video records of that event are all that remains as evidence, since all forensic evidence has been destroyed. Then Fintan makes the claim, the photos are faked. You have to wonder why.

For the record, the simple reason why depth appears different in various photos is because some were shot from near the towers while others were shot at a distance with a telephoto lens. As for the smoke anomalies, just freeze frame any of the videos of the event (any angle) and you'll see the exact same scene again and again.

Probably the most accessible source would be 13mins 53secs into Eric Hufschmid's video titled "A Closer Look" available for free download here
Download link

25 mins and 16 secs into Dylan Avery's video "Loose Change" shows this scene from a different angle. This video is available for free download using Bittorrent.

38mins and 30 secs into Jimmy Walter's video "Confronting the Evidence" available at you also see the first couple of seconds of the South Tower collapse.

1hr and 24mins into Alex Jone's "Martial Law" also shows the toppling South Tower.

Of course there are many raw clips available via emule and the like, captured from live TV coverage as well as amateur footage, which is not surprising given the number of camera's pointed at the towers. In fact it really astonishes me that so many people haven't bothered to fully check this stuff out for themselves.

If the only 911 video footage available was a ghosted, blury, black & white image filmed off a projector screen at the Pentagon, then its authenticity would be questionable. However with so many collaborating, independent sources and no conflicting evidence, shouldn't we be focusing on exposing the issue of, how could the towers fall so fast and why would the top section of the South tower literally explode into flying debris and dust while in free fall?

I wrote to Fintan about his erroneous PhotoFaking article also and wonder how many others did as well?

It is certainly looking like Fintan isn't who he pretends to be and the finger pointing by him may not be motivated by a desire to expose the truth but an agenda to help obfuscate it.

New Internet Pysop Age
It is interesting to note the New Age inference in his radio show intro music, "Push me onto the next level". Innocent as it may sound it does have a much deeper meaning. It would be interesting to find out how deep the rabit hole goes, there is much more to BreakForNews than meets the eye. So is Fintan making radio shows for 2 audiences? One the being inquiring minds looking to the alternative media for more information only to be fed carefully constructed disinformation. For example the photo faking story or the anti peak oil stories (finite resource denial). The other being inside information for New Age groups, namely survival notes for the transistion to the Age of Aquarius.


Anonymous shuffle said...

I wouldn't give the guy that much credit. Half the stuff he writes is comedy - he still frames thing in terms of 'left' and 'right' - yawn.

Monday, October 31, 2005 8:59:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is not true, the usual deception about left and right, conservative/republican (not that they stand for lft nor rght) has been expressed clearly whenever it has appeared in the B4N forum or in the audios.

However it's true that WTC photo faking idea seems far-fetched

Sunday, April 15, 2007 7:30:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

War on Suckers said:
"how can you make a list like that and fail to mention the corporate media such as the or or or ABC CBS MSNBC"

You are confused here. The point Fintan is making IS NOT ABOUT CORPORATE MEDIA! this should be quite clear. Their attachment to power is given as a fact. He is pointing the finger towards ALTERNATIVE MEDIA which are the channels "we suckers" tend to focus in.

BBC, CNN, etc. are not on the CIA Fake List because they are not so. Broadly speaking they are just "CIA/Power/MI5..." in that most of the time they convey the official message. However whenever these mainstream channels (all the way from CNN to Asociated Press) are mentioned in Break for News audios or the forum they are treated as "CIA/Power/MI5..."

CIA FAKE is a generic term that stands for many channels or people that within the alternative media support "conspiracy theories" and that according to Fintan are misderecting people knowingly or unknowingly.

Monday, April 16, 2007 8:51:00 AM  

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