Monday, February 27, 2006

Mandrake, have you ever seen a commie drink a glass of water?

"Children may not be getting enough fluoride"

"Some dentists are concerned about a problem they haven't worried about as much in decades -- whether children are getting enough fluoride."

The spin goes that the toxic industrial waste from the smoke stacks of the steel, aluminum and nuclear refineries "fluoride" helps strengthen teeth and prevent tooth decay.

"Mass fluoridating of municipal water supplies, started in the 1940s, but the growing popularity of bottled water has brought concerns about adequate fluoride levels. ... bottled water often doesn't contain enough fluoride to prevent tooth decay, according to the American Dental Association. ... Some home water-treatment systems that put tap water through high levels of filtration, such as reverse osmosis, may also take fluoride out, the ADA says."

All this hype over the benefits to oral health from this toxin and yet. "About 32 percent of children and adolescents 6 to 19 years old have some fluorosis, according to the CDC. But the CDC says it continues to recommend fluoridation, which reaches 67 percent of people in the U.S."

So we are supposed to believe that while Fluoride causes mottling, chalking and pitting in developing teeth for 32 percent of the young population, it at the same time magically reduces tooth decay and should be forced on all without their consent.

Are we supposed to believe the ADA wants more fluoride added to "reduce tooth decay" and reduce the potential income of its members? Isn't there a conflict of interest here?

Never fear, big corporations come to the rescue!

"Now, a growing number of bottled-water producers are adding fluoride to brands and packages aimed at kids. Nestle Waters North America Inc., a subsidiary of Nestle SA and the largest bottled-water company in the U.S., introduced new fluoridated lunchbox-size versions of its popular spring-water brands this month. The 8-ounce bottles of Poland Spring, Deer Park, Ozarka, and other brands contain levels of added fluoride from 0.17 milligram to 0.21 milligram, says Jane Lazgin, a spokeswoman. That is within the optimal range for fluoride in drinking water of 0.7 milligram to 1.2 milligrams per liter, as set by the U.S. Public Health Service, and within the government's limits for bottled water. (The differences in fluoride levels vary by local air temperature.)

Dannon's, Fluoride to Go, spring water, owned by Danone SA and marketed and distributed by Coca-Cola Co., is also marketed in a kid-friendly 8.5-ounce bottle. The brand contains 0.25 milligram of fluoride per bottle, also enough to meet optimal fluoride guidelines, according to a Coke spokesman."

Monday, February 13, 2006

Numbers Dates Moon & Pearl Harbor Events

There is a good introduction to some of the obvious patterns seen in dates, times and location of major pysop events, not surprisingly by an agent posing as a conspiracy theory nut.

From Armistice day to ApoIIo, through to September 2001 psyop. The most obvious obsession is the number 11 but also its surrogate 77. Other double numbers are also important such as 22, the Kennedy Assassination. However an overlooked aspect is the moon phase. This too seems to be significant.

Here is a quick list of examples
511: Guy Fawkes patsies charged with attempting to blowup British parliment: 11-5, 1605 (2 days after last quarter moon)
11: Lincoln Assassination: 11pm 4-14, 1865 (no significant moon phase)
11: End of World War 1: 11am 11-11, 1918 (1st quarter moon)
11 22: Kennedy Assassination: 11-22, 1963 (2 days before 1st quarter moon)
11: Apollo 11, First step on Apollo moon set: 7-21, 1969 (1 day before 1st quarter moon)
622: World Trade Center Bombing: 2-26, 1993 (3 days before 1st quarter moon)
1st quarter: Waco Siege: 2-28, 1993 BATF assault begins (1 day before 1st quarter moon).
Last quarter: Oklahoma City bombing: 4-19, 1995 (3 days before last quarter moon)
911, 11, 77: September Eleventh: 9-11, 2001, Phantom Flight 11, Phantom Flight 77, 110 Stories, 191 days after Lone Gunmen, 911 plot, Pilot Episode, (1 day before last quarter moon)
611 China Airlines Flight 611 (CAL611, CI611) disintergrates enroute from Taipei to Hong Kong. May 25, 2002. (1 day before full moon)
11, 111: Bali Bombing: 11pm 10-12, 2002, 1 year, 1 month and 1 day after 911, (1 day before first quarter moon)
311: Madrid Train Bombing: 3-11, 2003, 911 days after 911, (1st quarter moon)
11, 77: Russian Double Plane Bombing: 11pm 8-24, 2004 , 11th day of the Olympic games, 1077 days after 911, (1 day after 1st quarter moon)
11: Beslan School Massacre: 9-3, 2004 (3 days after last quarter moon and 11th day of the plane bombings)
77: London Train Bombings: 7-7, 2005 (1 day after new moon)
511: Second Bali Bombing: 10-1, 2005 (1 day before new moon)
911: Jordon Hotel Bombings: 11-9, 2005 (1st quarter moon)

So with a seemingly unrelated event, there appears to be another date, number, moon phase convergence coming up. The Torino XX Winter Olympics have just started. With a number like that it should at least appear significant. 11, 101, 1010 seem to be far more popular than Robert Anton Wilson's infamous 23 enigma.

One example of a possible convergence of interest is this.
February 20th, 2006.

11: XX Roman numerals for 20 and literally means 10+10. 10 10 => 11
11: 1 month & 1 day since Osama-Bin-Goldstein's latest video
11: 11 days after Bush anounced (phantom) foiled LA terror plot.
22: 20th of February is the 20th day of the month during the 20th Winter Olympics, 20 20 => 22.
111: February 20 is the 10th day of the 10+10 Winter Olympics. (111 the Emergency number in some countries)
311: February 20 is 3 months and 11 days after the 11-9 Jordan Hotel bombings.
311: February 20 is also 311 days after the BBC 911 parody episode first aired which involved an attack on London. 2:02 was the time on Big Ben for the attack, the next scene shows the time on Big Ben as 6:11
622: 1622 days since September Eleven.
622: Occurs in the date as 2006-2-20. (622 is a doubling of 311)
Last Quarter One day before the last quarter Moon

I am not suggesting something is going to happen at Torino after all no bad events occurred in Athens 2004, instead on the 11th day at 11pm they occurred in Russia. February 20th, 2006 does seem to be a rather likely date for a major psyop propaganda event.

As for the original Pearl Harbor event. December 7th 1941, the date and moon phase seem be nothing special.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Market Researcher's Wet Dream Come True

Hitachi's newest RFID tags compared to grains of salt

"Hitachi says that the devices are so small that accidentially (or purposely) injesting them would pose no threat to the human body."

Why put them in clothing when you can just put them in the dummies?

Monday, February 06, 2006

America Destroyed by Design

With the so called "911 truth movement" in self destruct mode, and every personality accusing every other personality with the "z" word, which only provides a tar brush for the corporate media to paint everyone with (and of course that is the real reason for the mud slinging), it might be wise for people to go back and watch that Alex Jones classic "America Destroyed by Design". For its time, it was way over the top, in typical Alex Jones phony over the top style, but now it is positively tame. More to the point, it seems to have quite accurately identified the on-going agenda. The destruction of America to be rebuilt as part of the new global socialist/fascist plutocracy run by a few mega international corporations, central banks and the military industrial complex for the benefit of their shareholders, the financial elites.

Another important video documenting this agenda is G. Edward Griffin's 1982 interview with Norman Dodd. Norman Dodd in 1954 was the staff director of the Congressional Committee to Investigate Tax-Exempt Foundations, known as the Reece Committee. "... all of us who have a hand in the making of policies here, have had experience operating under directives, the substance of which is, that we use our grant-making power so as to alter life in the United States that it can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union."

And of course the most essential documentary of them all. The Money Masters- How International Bankers Gained Control of America. The history of banking, how the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank came into existance, putting the money supply under the control of anonymous private shareholders. How the change to a debt based currency meant, money created from nothing, could be lent out at interest, for the private profit of the Federal Reserve's shareholders. And how the manipulation of the money supply allows Federal Reserve shareholders and insiders to consolidate their wealth while destroying the wealth of others.
"There is nothing Federal about the Federal Reserve and there are no reserves. The name is a deception created back before the Federal Reserve act was passed in 1913, to make Americans think that America's Central Bank, operates in the public's interest. The truth is, that the Federal Reserve is a private bank, owned by private stockholders and run purely for their private profit".

With the intensifying proganda about how evil Iran is, and others have recently been suggesting an up coming Gulf on Tonkin event however with the recent stage managed "free speech" cartoon BS scandle and the intense publicity for the carefully manipulated and staged response of outrage and protests. Who supplied all those Danish flags ready to be burned on cue in front of the waiting world media? It would seem the sheeple are being conditioned for another "Chomsky Blow Back" event.

While many still believe it is only about oil. WingTV recently were probably closer to the mark when taling about Iran's plans to introduce a Euro denominated oil bourse and hit the bullseye when they mentioned that the countries on the PNAC hit list were the few remaining countries that did not yet have a privately owned Central Bank. Private ownership of all Central Banks is the key to global curency and global government.

So is it just a coicidence that the 911 truth movement is in meltdown, just as the propaganda machine goes into high gear, conditioning the masses for the next staged blowback event? The only purpose would seem to be, deceive Americans into supporting another war and their own economic suicide.

The US being the worlds largest net importer of oil doesn't stand to gain much as a nation from pushing oil to US$150 a barrel. While Russia, the largest non OPEC net oil exporter, will do very well indeed from their expensive ultra deep drilling technology. They also stand to gain market share from anything that reduces OPEC's total output. The US only stands to lose from this war which could very well break the economy, and that maybe the real plan. Could the annonymous private shareholders in the Federal Reserve also be the private shareholders in the European Central Bank?

Even China stands to gain from this. With so much of the US manufacturing base exported to China, many of the components for the high tech weaponry are likely to be manufactured offshore.

So China, Russia and Europe will likely do very well out of the this, while knocking the US down from its "world's only superpower" position. It looks very much like the US leadership have sold out to global socialism/fascism a long time ago and most of the population are still asleep.

So will the US let Iran set up a Eurodollar Oil bourse and stand by while the world moves over to the Euro for trading oil and as the defacto global currency or will they jump into a war and commit economic suicide for the globalists instead?

With the SARS like Bird Flu propaganda bubbling away in the background, the well timed meltdown in the 911 truth movement, the recent hyping of yet another possible pretext for a new "Chomsky Blow Back" event along with the on going Iranian demonisation campaign all over the corporate media, not to mention the 1-19 appearance of the Osama caricature, it seems obvious. War is the agenda and a galvanising pretext event is coming soon!