Tuesday, June 19, 2007

WTC2 Pre-Impact Blob LIVE on NBC4 CBS9

Highlighted in part 3 of September Clues is the fact that the NBC4 (Chopper4) "live" video of the World Trade Center showed no plane but only a descending incoming blob. It turns out that CBS also broadcast "live" video of this incoming blob about 13 seconds before impact.

Here is a closeup of blob taken from the NBC video.

And here is a closeup the blob taken from the CBS video.

The only image enhancement used has been to magnify the image and increase the contrast. Unfortunately the only video I have access to is the low quality streaming video available at archive.org If someone who managed to download the original 1GB files for NBC and CBS could make them available via a file sharing network or as a torrent, that would be extremely useful in making better sense of what appears to be there.

Having watched the first couple hours from the six networks available at archive.org, the most interesting eyewitness reports are the ones from ordinary people standing on the street. One witness says "It didn't look like any plane I have ever seen, it looked like a flying boat".

It has already well established by the analysis in September Clues, that the "live" broadcasts were in fact on a 17 second delay, so that simple images of planes could be inserted. So it is quite plausible that these blobs were also added in the same way as an alternative red hearing. Or these could be images of what actually did hit the towers.


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