Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Arithmetic, Population & Energy

"The greatest shortcoming of the human race is our inability
to understand the exponential function."

While there are disinfo' personalities like Michael Ruppert presenting a spin on this topic, making it seem like a cheap ticket to sell books, which in turn provide other disinfo' personalities such as Fintan Dunne and Alex Jones, ammunition to promote finite resource denial and the limitless abiotic oil myth. If you want to come close to understanding the world we live in, you need to understand the concepts presented in this 1994 lecture by Dr. Albert A. Bartlett, Physics Department, University of Colorado.

This appears to be available via bittorrent here

So assuming you've watched this video. What time is it? Well we don't know but you can be sure the people that are running the current charade know and have known for a long time. So was the occupation of Afghanistan about an oil pipeline? Is the Iraq war about getting their oil? NO! Of course not! This is the oil age, oil fuels growth (wasteful consumption), oil is food and the population just keeps growing. As demand and the price of oil increases, the incentive to get every last drop out of the ground increases with it. Although the spin in the controlled alternative media is, the US and UK want to secure their oil supplies. Perhaps the real plan has is to keep that oil in the ground, else there will be nothing left for the 500,000 benefactors in the New Age to inherit. The pipeline in Afghanistan will never be completed. No significant oil has flowed from Iraq for 13 years and it will not anytime soon. That is the plan! Now it looks like the lid is about to be put on the Persian oil fields.

And the New Age starts just as soon as most of the current world population move onto the next plane. Beware!


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