Wednesday, June 06, 2007

More Intravenous Solutions to Coming Swine err Bird Flu

GM Chicken to the Rescue
""At the end of the process we are expressing what we would call transgenes into the chicken so that this becomes permanently incorporated into the chicken, into all of its cells."...Dr Lowenthal and his team believe it should be possible to introduce RNA interference (RNAi) into chicken cells. RNAi molecules can be made to act like scissors, and cut out or disable a specific gene."

Virus Like Particles
"The data show that two 0.6 microgram doses of Novavax's virus-like particle (VLP) H5N1 vaccine -- without the addition of an adjuvant -- protected ferrets from challenges with live H5N1 bird flu viruses. This dose is 25 fold lower than the average human dose for most seasonal flu vaccines and more than 100 times lower than other H5N1 vaccines against avian influenza. Novavax plans to submit an investigational new drug application to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in mid-2007 to commence human clinical trials with the novel H5N1 influenza vaccine."


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