Saturday, September 30, 2006

Tarpley Outs Tarpley

In the much touted C-SPAN broadcast of the LA 911-Truth fear fest, Webster Tarpley makes an interesting gaffe near the end during a rushed answer regarding citizen grand juries.

"These citizen grand juries are useful tools in an International propaganda effort leading up to an independent truth commission world wide."

Why use the word "propaganda"? This word would be appropriate if your were intending to deceive people into believing certain ideas. Did Webster forget which audience he was addressing? Perhaps this is a word he would have chosen if he were conversing in private with some of the other "911 truthers" that were present?

The whole presentation is very interesting as it showcases some of the key 911 gate keepers, their techniques and directive. For example when a person from the audience, Chris Hammel from the University of Victoria, British Columbia, is finally allowed to ask this question "Clearly this goes beyond the idea of just Cheney and Bush, its systemic, its global. Within academic circles there are a lot of academics who believe that this movement could lead to a systemic collapse of the social contract lets say within the United States and the legitimacy of government. How do you avoid the tradition that when governments have collapsed in history that there's a massive power vacuum" he is cut off before finishing by veteran gate keeper Alex Jones who then passes onto Fetzer and Tarpley for further misdirection. Chris finally gets to complete the key part of his question "You're talking about a global elite. How do you prevent them from trying to fill in that power vacuum?" This is brushed off immediately by Alex Jones. "Duty is ours, consequence belongs to God." Maybe the question was a little too close to the truth behind the 911 truth fakers!

That example brings up a blatant flaw in the "propaganda" from the 911 gatekeepers. "911 was an inside job". However the cover up is clearly International, involving almost every government and more importantly the media corporations, which strongly suggests that 911 was an International job.

So what are the mainstays of the 911 gatekeepers, used to support the "inside job" myth? Planes used in attack, stand down orders, traditional demolitions used. A key element to the myth is that planes were flown into buildings. This is a cornerstone of the myths pedaled by both the corporate media in the official lie and the 911 truth fakers. Hijacked/remote controlled, pod/no pod, commercial airliners/military planes. It doesn't matter what you believe so long as you believe that planes flew into buildings.
Without planes there are no hijackers, no radar blips and no stand down orders needed. In other words the number of people needed to pull off the core events becomes very small if there are no planes to crash. The planners, a few demolition experts, some key government & media personal and a handful of "witnesses". It seems the so called "911 truth movement" is dedicated to defending this core lie. Perhaps the evidence of no planes could result in a premature demolition of the official myth?

One 911 truth faker, Eric Hufschmid, a metal cutting sofware engineer, is also a prominent proponent of "planes hit the towers" but claims "911 was an outside job" while at the same time smearing 911 investigations with a healthy dose of racism. Isn't the same technique being used for the official myth? Except Hufschimd substitutes Arabs with Israelis as the key "evil doers". Maybe Hufschmid's ties to Rupert Murdoch go beyond his half sister being married to Murdoch's son?
It an over simplification to use the terms inside/ouside job, neither is true. For 911 to be an "outside job" we'd have to ignor the evidence such as flight 93 landing at Cleveland Hopkins airport in Ohio, the airport being evacuated and the passengers from 93 sent to the NASA Glen Research Center building. As that would suggest it was also an inside job.

The cover up is of course an on-going operation with huge numbers feeding at the trough, misdirection continues to be part of the strategy but all working to a common goal. With such an orgy of evidence for the 911 truth fakers to pimp it would seem the plan is to build such outrage at the US government that citizens will cheer when a military coup ousts the corrupt regime and declares martial law, new elections in a year and an interim caretaker government to oversee the process. Meanwhile the constitution is revoked, soldiers walk the streets, political meetings of more than 5 people are outlawed as are any protests. Something similar just happened elsewhere in the world. A test case perhaps? The only difference for the US is that the military force will be comprised of foreign troops. It is interesting to note that a few days ago on Fetzer's RBN radio show, he wouldn't let a caller complete his point regarding the preparations by foreign troops for operations within the US. Why would that topic be such a hot potatoe for a gate keeper?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

No Apollo Evidence in Smart-1 Images

Lots of images sure but how about a set of hires ones of the alleged Apollo landing sites. There is only one image showing the supposed Apollo 11 site but all I can see is grey. Maybe given time they will come up with some. Obviously Apollo is old news, been there done that, who cares? Not NASA for one, as they've even lost their original video tapes of the alleged missions. Maybe they can get some dubs from Bart Sibrel?

Here's a zoom in on the hires tif file provided by the European Space Agency

The base of the Apollo lander was 4.27 m across and the legs span 9.07 m. While the ESA didn't think it was important to include a scale with their images, the distance from Collins crater to the alleged Apollo 11 site is 25km. So for the moment the lander base can still be imagined hiding in that grey blur.

Space exploration is a fantastic field of research but with so much lying and deception being routine for governments and corporations alike. A first manned mission to the moon seems very unlikely in our lifetimes. Perhaps in some future generation there will be a chance.