Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Ministry of Truth Announces Nov 11 Psyop

The date 10/11 was choosen by the Ministry of Truth for the headline
"11/11 - Train Bomb 'Terrorists' to Strike USA? -Audio"

Perhaps the Ministry of Truth is announcing this date using the Fintan personality to bolster its credibility or perhaps it is just yet another psyop against 911 inquisitors.

From the Ministry of Truth's (Fake for News) website.
"As NYC police scale back a subway security crackdown, Fintan Dunne warns that the U.S. is now at great risk of it's own repeat of the state-sponsored London train bombings.

With Hurricane Katrina setting a mood of threat, the Madrid, and London attacks ahead of the recent NYC alert can provide US authorities with a perfect excuse that despite best efforts, no country can prevent such "terrorism". That could entrench the militarization of ordinary life already seen in the response to Hurricane Katrina.

The most likely dates for such an attack are in early November: especially the 9th and the 11th of November, 2005. The most likely targets are the subway systems of NYC and/or Chicago. "

In the audio Fintan points out how in Bush's recent TV address he talks about 10 plots having being foiled. Fintan goes on to say "of course you can't stop them all so perhaps plot number 11 won't be quite so hard to stop"
In listening to that section again I realized Fintan either misspoke or his real meaning was, plot number 11 will be more easily stopped.

The dates that Fintan lists in the audio are the "4th, 9th and especially the 11th of November".

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Is it futile to resist the power behind actions on the world stage?

It has been said "sociopaths rise to the top like fresh feces oozing gas bubbles in the social cesspool on a warm June afternoon."

But the real question is, resist what? If you take the official alternative media mantra "fight the New World Order" then yes it is futile to resist. Without understanding what NWO really means, how can you fight it and what are you fighting for? More interestingly, even the most vocal cardboard cutouts who are promoting the NWO don't even themselves seem to understand the concept. So what are they really promoting?

It would seem the NWO refers to the final state of the world once the market forces enabled by commerce run their full course. It is the inevitable end game of the capitalist system (the ultimate evolution of commerce).

The primary motivating force for any organism is survival. Commerce has given birth to a new breed of organism on the planet called the corporation. Like competing mold spots on a block of cheese, survial requires elimination of the competition through any means possible such as maximum depletion of resources, to stave the competition, even the use of contamination and toxins to its own detriment if it results in a competitive advantage.

These are exactly the strategies we are observing today. These monsters are bigger than any individual or group of individuals, even those who may think they're in control are not in control. These are mega monsters that have evolved and are acting completely rationally, adhering to the fundamental motivating force for all organisms, survival. And when we reach the time when only one of these beasts survives, that state of evolution is the so called NWO.

The real questions should then be.

Is this an inevitable evolution of the planet? ie. Are there any alternatives to this given that the simple concept of commerce and the motivating force, survival, is what has given rise to this super organism (the corporation)?

Is this a desirable evolution of the planet?

Are there any alternatives?
If so, is it at all possible to implement them at this point in time?

If not then we better make sure that sociopaths bringing us into the age of the NWO aren't going to be the ones controlling the beast or else we will soon be experiencing the true meaning of "Down Sizing".