Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Constant Gardeners

Just when it seemed the Bird Flu PR campaign was loosing steam, a bunch of interesting stories pop up.

Black Box Diagnosis
"An American research company says it's developed a new device that can quickly detect more than 90 different viruses.

These are said to include several strains of the deadly form of bird flu.

The Californina-based company Ibis Biosciences says it worked with U.S. military researchers to fine-tune the mass spectrometer device and test it against a range of flu viruses.

Currently when testing people for bird flu, the World Health Organization uses specialized labs that can spend weeks analysing samples."

Shades of the Constant Gardener
"Baxter to Run Clinical Trial of Bird Flu Vaccine on Indonesians
The health minister in Indonesia says Deerfield, Illinois based Baxter Healthcare will carry out clinical trials of a bird flu vaccine on Indonesians this July."

Human Antibody Treatment "fast tracked"
"Vaccines are also useless to a patient once the disease has struck.

Antibodies, however, work immediately, and are relatively easy to manufacture on an industrial scale. But the protection is only likely to last a few months, he explained.

This could still be critical in saving the lives of those infected, who typically seek medical help only a couple of days after flu-like symptoms appear.

Antibody treatment could also immunize frontline nurses and doctors during a possible pandemic.

Because it is not possible to conduct regular clinical trials due to the lack of cases, regulators in the United States and Europe have authorized a "fast track" approval process for an antibody-based drug, Lanzavecchia said.

If a treatment shows the same results in two animal models, including one on primates, and then passes a safety analysis, it could then go to market. This process typically takes between three and four years, he said.

The research has been funded by Britain's Wellcome Trust, the second largest medical research charity in the world, as well as the US National Institute for Health and the Swiss National Science Foundation."

Intravenous "anti-viral drug" Efficacious
""In a pandemic, having an oral treatment may not be enough because intravenous treatment is more efficacious," Chui said.

"Having the drug injected means it goes straight to the bloodstream ... so if you administer at the 48th hour, the body can still benefit. But an oral dose will take time to get into the blood - there will be a time lag," Chui explained.

The development of peramivir may be an answer to experts who want to have several antivirals to choose from in fighting all types of flu because the viruses mutate quickly."

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Splash Down

Seems there is an unusual white cloud that begins at the fuselage and extends over the starboard wing during several frames after the apparent nose impact and infamous flash.

This could be a case of bad masking when making the overlay or could it possibly an explosive decompression shock wave? As the fuselage is rapidly crushed from the front, the extreme internal pressure causes the emergency doors located over the wings to explode out.

If this is the case then this could be evidence of a real plane on the Michael Hezarkhani film but not necessarily evidence that this plane flew into the South tower.

If this is a decompression shock wave from the fuselage then why is it not on the port side also? Perhaps only one side blew or perhaps the port side being in shadow makes it difficult to see. Or perhaps the port side being in shadow meant the masking algorithm treated it as background pixels.

Another problem to solve is would flying a plane into the World Trade Center result in extreme internal cabin pressure? As the external steel columns would be like a giant shredder, destroying cabin integrity, it would seem unlikely.

However if the plane were flying vertically into a blue green sea, with nowhere for gases to go as the fuselage is crushed, you certainly could expect to see this phenomenon. Hell, you might even expect it to disappear into the ocean like an albatross or "like a bad special effect".

Although we may be looking at real images of a real plane superimposed over the tower. We can't assume anything with regards to scale. This could be a model with an eleven foot wing span flying at 110 km/hr into a swimming pool. The unusual white cloud anomaly could simply be splash back.

Friday, May 18, 2007

The Andy Kaufmans of the NWO

At times it appears we're diving head first into a global police state or are we? The big questions are who are the real players, who is being manipulated and who are the free thinkers? The answer is rather complex, many who feel they're free thinkers are being manipulated by those who believe they're players, many of those who believe they are players are themselves being manipulated and in the style of Andy Kaufman are completely unaware of the real gag.

In the case of Andy Kaufman not only were the audience not in on the gag but many of the participants who thought they knew what was going down were actually just being used and manipulated for the purpose of the real gag. Only Andy knowing what the real gag was.

Observing the highlights from the recent Fox TV Republican debate and the waves caused by co star Ron Paul, it is becoming obvious the likes of Giuliani and Hannity while believing they're players, are actually being exploited, perhaps even setup, and perhaps they're starting to realize this? So who are the Andy Kaufmans of the NWO? Maybe there aren't any, in other words no-ones running the show and everyone is deceiving everyone else that they're players. However as in the TV game Survival, anyone can be cut loose at any time. The NWO game is a form of Russian roulette, who wants to play?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Google Sucks!

Google is a blight on the Internet. Now the NSA oops I mean Google have taken over Blogger and YouTube we're all better off.

Anyone ever tried to contact a human at Google and recieved a response from a real person or any response at all?