Saturday, September 09, 2006

No Apollo Evidence in Smart-1 Images

Lots of images sure but how about a set of hires ones of the alleged Apollo landing sites. There is only one image showing the supposed Apollo 11 site but all I can see is grey. Maybe given time they will come up with some. Obviously Apollo is old news, been there done that, who cares? Not NASA for one, as they've even lost their original video tapes of the alleged missions. Maybe they can get some dubs from Bart Sibrel?

Here's a zoom in on the hires tif file provided by the European Space Agency

The base of the Apollo lander was 4.27 m across and the legs span 9.07 m. While the ESA didn't think it was important to include a scale with their images, the distance from Collins crater to the alleged Apollo 11 site is 25km. So for the moment the lander base can still be imagined hiding in that grey blur.

Space exploration is a fantastic field of research but with so much lying and deception being routine for governments and corporations alike. A first manned mission to the moon seems very unlikely in our lifetimes. Perhaps in some future generation there will be a chance.


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