Friday, April 06, 2007

Fake Science Drops to the Next Level

Do they have no shame?

Dust Storms Fuel Global Warming on Mars

Of course this nonsense is being spewed by the so called "scientists" at NASA and the U.S. Geological Survey. It should be a well know fact the dust, clouds and smoke in the atmosphere result in cooler temperatures. Anyone remember living in fear of nuclear winter? An easy test of this is to observe the temperature change between a sunny and cloudy day.

The alleged warming on Mars would cause of the alleged dust storms, not the other way around, and the source of the alleged warming is likely to be external. The sun perhaps? Of course the only flimsy evidence of the alleged Mars warming is based on alleged temperature readings taken by the faked Viking missions. This story was surely intended for the morning of April 1st!

Of course this fake science story was intended to support the convenient lie here on Earth, but as there are no SUVs or farting livestock on Mars, red dust would have to do.

While the fake science should make most high school children cringe and wonder "what the fuk?", the false argument is standard fair. You either go with the fake science or get labeled a wasteful, hating person who is in with the oil companies and is contributing to killing the planet. Another practice module torn straight from the pages the Propaganda 101 textbook.


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