Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Eric's Show and Tell

May 22 New York Yankee pitcher, Cory Lidle, threw one of four complete games for the Phillies

May 22 CNN Headline Prime ran a show titled Cracking the Code. During the May 23rd rerun the ticker read in part "MAY 23, THE 143RD DAY OF THE YEAR; THERE ARE 222 DAYS LEFT IN 2006". Of course had this been a live broadcast the ticker would have read 142ND DAY OF THE YEAR. Counting May 22 as day 1, 142 days later on 10-10-06 (116->911), Chapman, who gunned down John Lennon outside the Dakota building New York, is denied parole. The next day Cory Lidle is said to have died when his plane crashes into the 40th and 41st floor of a 50 story apartment block in New York City. 50 states in the Union, the 40th state is South Dakota. The date 10-11-06 and an accident that is reminiscent of the events of 9-11-01 (10-11-06 -> 9-11-06). There are 1856 days between Sept 11 2001 and Oct 11 2006 (1+8=9 and 5+6=11 -> 911). The street address of the building, 542 72nd Street (5+4+2=11 7+2=9 -> 911). That evening a South Park parody on 911 airs, episode 10-9 and North Korea's first nuclear test was on 10-9. Of course no relationship to the imfamous 19 box cutters.

The during this May 22 CNN program "SUPER SIMS" talks about 911, 110 orphans and series of 161 $11,000 pens that represent the four elements. 161 days after May 22 is October 29 which is the 77th anniversary of The Crash of 1929. Also 166x11=1771. Of course no realtionship to AA77. There are 1874 days between Sept 11 2001 and Oct 29 2006 (1+8=9 and 7+4=11 -> 911).
The number plate on the flat bed truck removing the plane debris from the Lidle crash scene reads C29911 (C29 911 -> crash of 29 & 911).

Cory Lidle and the New York Yankees hadn't made the 2006 World Series, the 7th and final game scheduled for the 7th day of the week, October 29, on the 77th anniversary of the crash of 29, city and venue to be announced.

Conclusion: The Universe is one giant fractal and there is a Mandelbrot in the urinal.

Update November 4th: There is another interpretation of the number plate C29911. C->See, 29->29 days.
And before someone writes "Doh! That date is in September".
Remember, the United States is NOT the centre of the world!


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