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11-10-06 Apartment Bombing

The official story is that a Cirrus SR20 crashed into an apartment building. However there seems to be evidence that this may not be what happened.

While apartments on the 40th and 41st floor were devastated, several window sections from the alleged aircraft apparently survived unscathed.

More interestingly, these window sections don't seem to be from a Cirrus SR20.

Other anomalies are the fact that shattered glass is seen all over the road as if blown outwards rather than inwards as you'd expect from an impact.

Pieces of window frames from the apartments are also at street level.

Yet no debris seems to have landed on the large ledge part way down the building. (found by Killtown)

The explosion caught on video by the US Coast Guard's vessel traffic Center, seems to be rather large for a small plane crash. Why is this the only frame of the video available? Perhaps the rest is still in the editing room waiting for a video overlay?
"This frame from the US Coast Guard's vessel traffic Center video provided by the US Coast Guard shows the moment of impact (light spot on right of frame) as the plane carrying New York Yankee Cory Lidle slammed into a 50-story skyscraper on the upper East Side of New York City Wednesday, Oct. 11, 2006. The view is looking south down the East River. Roosevelt Isand is in the middle Brooklyn is on left Manhattan on right. Lidle and an unidentified passenger were killed in the crash. (AP Photo/HO)"

It is difficult to tell from this photo but it appears the floor of the upper apartment has been broken and blown downwards. There also appears to be no marks left where the wings are supposed to have slammed into the walls at around 100mph.

One more bizarre twist is the alleged pilot was identified by his passport which survived the fireball and was found at the scene. (image by Killtown)

Of course if it were a missile, that would explain the apartment debris flying outwards and beyond the lower ledge. The plane windows and other debris all just planted evidence. Are those bricks numbered on the ground? Some better images could be quite enlightening. If they are bricks then why are they infront when they should have been knocked inside the building?

An interesting forum thread on this can be found here. However there appears to be more than a few on that forum who just want to say "Move along, move along. Nothing to see here folks"

So if it was an operation and not an accident, for what reason. Well I can think of a few.

An election looming, behind in the polls and a major sex scandal needing to be taken out of the headlines. This event appears to have been exploited as another excuse to revive the 911 myth yet again.

Return of troops from Iraq delayed again and news that more Iraqis have been killed under the US occupation than under Saddam. Revive 911 myth!

A timely alleged North Korean nuclear test proving that diplomacy doesn't work. Revive 911 myth!

The Eisenhower strike group enroute to the gulf for what many believe will be an October 22nd attack on Iran by a politically bankrupt regime. Revive 911 myth!

Update Oct 15: After listening to Tarpley's latest "World Crisis Radio" it turns out on 10-11 Congressmen Kucinich was holding a hearing on the War Plans for Iran. He is quoted as saying
"The Bush Administration is preparing for war against Iran, using an almost identical drumbeat of weapons of mass destruction, imminent threat, alleged links to Al Queda, and even linking Iran with a future 911."

Update Oct 16: There is an interesting thread over at titled Yankee Crash

A newbie to that forum (Joined: Thu Oct 12, 2006) had this to say:

Norbu (Fri Oct 13 2006, 01:44AM): "I remember somebody (Alex Jones? I couldn't find it again) saying they might replace the second 9/11 with something like a small plane signalling it was called off, what about that?"

The thread ends with:

Norbu (Mon Oct 16 2006, 04:50AM): "isn't it statistically unusual to have so much anti-al qaeda activity over the weekend? more support for the theory that Lidle was an abort signal?

and the freaky record-breaking snow in toronto and NY?

I don't want to inadvertently compromise national security, if the big one has already been called off"

Yeah right Norbu? Agent Jones is the authority on this and the murder of 2 prominent people plus 2 "John Doe"s means "the big one has already been called off". So these murders were should be ignored as they were in the "interests of national security"? So we can all go home right? Move along, move along, Nothing to see here folks!

At least gritzle70 (Thu Oct 12 2006, 10:05PM) on the same thread seems to at least be looking at the number discrepancies "It's all embedded code within the articles". He also writes "At the end there is a reference to the death of a "Yankee" and 50 stories (states?) - death of the USA -- they take their numbers games seriously".

There does seem to be an overwhelming amount of symbolism with this whole staged event. Just taking the gritzle70's idea. "death of a Yankee and 50 stories (states?)"

Some reports were that the building was hit on the 30/31 floor and while other say the 40/41 floor.

Wisconsin Territory on May 29 1848 became the 30th state.
California September 9, 1850 (31st state)
South Dakota November 2, 1889 (40th state)
Montana November 3, 1889 (41st state)

The actual impact appears to be the 40th and 41st floor. (Obviously many journalists these days are algebraically challenged. Or perhaps not?) So both South Dakota and Montana were admitted into the Union 116 years ago. 911 upside down perhaps. South Dakota's Mt Rushmore has been described as "the shrine of democracy".

One more point of interest in that thread was that first reports were a helicopter crashed into the building, very similar to the early reports in 2001 at the Pentagon of a helicopter and a fireball. Could it be the same MO? A helicopter is used to fire a missile while dumping plane debris at the scene.

Another good forum thread on the events can be found at

Update: This story gets even more weird. First there were four on the plane and then only two. Now according to this story there were three and the fourth who didn't get on the flight dies a week later in a plane crash.


Anonymous Oblahdee said...

It does seem odd that a coin commemorating S. Dakota statehood would be minted 117 years after 1889, unless there are new coins every year. The '29 finacial crash was forty years after S. Dakota and Montana became states. I should give some thought to making a statue of Bernard Baruch riding the bear. Perhaps the year 2009 is indicated as another one for meltdown

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 8:30:00 AM  

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