Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Pancake Theory Announced within 3 mins of WTC Demolition

The genesis fo the pancake theory. Many people just quote Peter Jennings' speculation about controlled demolition out of context. However the entire conversation is important, not only to understanding what Peter Jennings meant but also how the initial reactions of media personalities was quickly replaced by a script.

Peter Jennings: Stan Dahler from ABC's Goodmorning America is down in the general vacinity. Stan can you tell us what just happened?

Don Dahler: Yes Peter its Don Dahler down here. I'm 4 blocks North of the World Trade Center. The second building that was hit by the plane has just completely collapsed. The entire building has just collapsed as if a demolition team setoff (pause) when you see the old demolition of these old buildings. It just folded in on itself and it is not there anymore

Peter Jennings: Thanks very much Don. The whole side collapsed?

Don Dahler: The whole building has collapsed!

Peter Jennings: The whole building has collapsed?

Don Dahler: The building has collapsed.

Peter Jennings: That's the Southern tower you're talking about?

Don Dahler: Exactly. The second building that we witnessed the airplane enter. The top half had been fully envolved in flames, it just collapsed. There is panic on the streets, thousands of people running up Church Street, which is what I'm looking out on, trying to get away. But the entire, at least as far as I can see, the top half of the building, at least half of it, I can't see below that. Half of it, just started with a gigantic rumble, folded in on itself and collapsed in a huge plume of smoke and dust.

Peter Jennings: We're talking about massive casualties here at the moment and we have, hooph! Quite an extrordinary

Don Dahler: There is panic on the streets, there are people screaming and running from the site. The gigantic plum of smoke has reached me and I'm probably about quarter of a mile North of there.

Peter Jennings: Now this is a. Now this is what it looked like moments ago. My God! The Southern tower, 10 o'clock Eastern time just collapsing on itself. This is a place where thousands of people worked. We have no idea what caused this. Umm. If you wish to bring, if anyone has ever watched a building being demolished on purpose knows, that you're going to do this you have to get at the, at the under infrastructure of a building and bring it down.

Don Dahler: Peter

Peter Jennings: Yes Stan

Don Dahler: What appeared to happen from my vantage point. The top part of the building was totally envolved in fire and there appeared to be no effort possible to put that fire out. It looked like the top part of the building was so weakened by the fire that the weight of it collapsed the rest of the building. That's what appeared to happen. I did not see anything happening at the base of the building, it all appeared to start at the top and then just collapsed the rest of the building by the weight of the top. There was no explosion or anything at the base part of it but I did see the top part of it start to collapse, the walls start to bulge out, bricks glass things coming out, and then it collapsed in on itself and it appeared to just fold down from there, from the very top.

Peter Jennings: Thanks Don very much. Umm, Just looking at that, I don't know why but when was the last time the United States was attacked in this fashion, it was Pearl Harbour in 1941.


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